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Case Studies

We can help practices assess evaluation and management coding risk, and thoroughly review any outliers.  See below:


For this practice we noticed CPT 99204 as a major outlier, so we reviewed several records where 99204 was billed.  We found that all though 99204 is an outlier, the services provided were medically necessary, and billed appropriately.  We also showed the providers how to accurately document the services they were providing so their notes fully supported the charge billed.

We give you the true projected profit that a drug representative may not always provide.  For example:

A provider was considering providing a new vaccine to her patients.  A drug representative presented data showing the cost of the vaccine and the projected profit for the practice.  Prior to ordering the vaccine the provider called our team at JD Matthews to confirm the projected profit.  Our trained professionals quickly ran the PAR reimbursements for the vaccine along with payer rules and regulations for purchased vaccines.  Our analysis was that the provider would have lost an average of $160 per patient.

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