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Q: Does our practice have to be located close to your offices?
A: No! We have several clients that are not located anywhere near us! We will come to you for set up and customize a plan for receipt of charges, EOB’s, etc.

Q: Do you credential providers?
A: Yes, there is an additional cost for these services.

Q: Do you oversee par contracts?
A: Yes, we will load your par contract fees into the system and assure payments are at the contracted rate.

Q: Do we have to have computers in our office?
A: No. Your billing can be completely done at our offices.

Q: Can we use the software for appointments and office management?
A: YES! We encourage your practice to utilize the software to it’s fullest!

Q: Will you train our staff?
A: Yes we will train your staff on how to use medical billing software.

Q: Will you follow up on all denied or rejected claims?
A: YES, we assure you that all denials and rejects will be researched and followed through payment decision.

Q: Do you do patient collections?
A: Yes, we do soft patient collections to include sending three patient statements with progressively stronger wording and one FINAL NOTICE. If a patient makes no attempt to pay after these billings, they will be sent back to your office for collection decision.

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